“Exceptional half-season suit”

Alain Marhic, Founder of March LA.B, has had multiple lives.

Before becoming a watchmaker, he used to be a spectacles maker but also a neoprene wetsuit product manager for the great surfing brand Quiksilver.

From factory tours in Taiwan to R&D meetings in Australia, South Africa or Southern California, his life was molded by jersey or mesh neoprene, stitching, glue, trimmings, fleece fiber, back or chest zips...

A life made from rubber particles to serve the ultimate wetsuit, pairing flexibility with optimal warmth. 

Greg Pelaghe had a few lives too.

Former high rank competitor and member of the first sporting degree dedicated to surfing in Biarritz in 1988, he founded WETTY, an independent French surfing wetsuits brand.

An iconoclastic and sometimes daring brand... but a brand recognized for the performance and quality of its products, approved and worn by all the “core” surfers ripping along the French coastline. A trouble maker of a brand, proper “French resistance of neoprene” in the galaxy of surfing behemoths, just like March LA.B in the watchmaking world.


Greg wears a March LA.B, Alain surfs in a WETTY.

So when Greg approached Alain for a collaboration, he didn’t think twice... 

After discussing what could be “THE” March wetsuit, so that it was different yet relevant, they rapidly came to an agreement from a shared memory; the most delightful full wetsuit they both had surfed was a full 2/2mm. A mid-season suit very rare to find as hardly ever manufactured, extremely light and warm at the same time. Every surfer’s Graal.


After approving the concept, they worked on developing this aquatic gem which needed to combine ultimate and unconditional quality, a vintage look and obviously green as a tribute to March LA.B’s signature color.

1 year later, the wetsuit, or rather the wetsuits, have arrived, available as a limited edition for pre order on March LA.B’s website on October 5th. 

It is indeed a pack of 2 ASAHI Japanese neoprene wetsuits (the best because of its ultra flexibility, warmth and durability) consisting of a full 2/2mm suit and a sleeveless top with a retro look which the founders have decided to create. Two wetsuits which can be worn separately for summer and midseason waves but also one on top of the other to form a 4/2mm suit perfect for winter swells. 2 wetsuits for 3 options. Two wet- suits numbered and to your name delivered in a suit bag bearing the founders’ colors made to delight true and passionate surfers. 

A “surfing must have” not to miss, for every surf between 13°C and 23°C