HEDON, an English brand London based has been designing and manufacturing motorcycle helmets since 2011. Its creators, Lindsay – graphic and industrial designer – and Reginald – a born passion for motorcycling who worked for many years in the brand motorcycles Research & Development department have a very sharp aesthetics and comfort vision far from the conventional styles available all over the market. From their partnership is born a helmets range reflecting their philosophy, with a design made by hand in the purest artisanal tradition, using high end materials applied a reduced volume.


March LA.B and HEDON have developed an ultra-refined, light and comfortable open helmet. A metallic green helmet with black natural calf leather trim and lining, hand-stitched to a lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber composite shell, with 360° padding, Merlin antibacterial fabric, bronze anodized brass elements and a matching brass buckle.

A branded helmet with a gold March LA.B M equipped with a furiously Seventys smoked brown retro visor.