“The greatness of a profession might be, before everything else, uniting men. Human relations is the only true luxury” 

This sentence by St-Exupéry which we placed in our latest catalog perfectly summarizes the story behind our new G100 movement. The story of a human encounter. 

TERRE DES HOMMES  Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This quote from St Exupéry that we cherish perfectly sums up the story of our French adventure. A story made up of beautiful encounters…

In order to highlight the extreme care invested in our designs, we naturally teamed up with renowned collaborators from the French Jura Arc watch industry whose know-how was recently recognized by UNESCO.

By partnering with prestigious French assemblers and leather goods artisans in the area of Franche-Comté March LA.B has retained its scrupulous adherence to the principles of local watchmaking culture: technical expertise, reliability, and accuracy..

With them, we have built strong partnerships because French people are very talented and always very inspiring people.

Like the Daft Punk, our worldwide famous compatriots who have created a unique, timeless and different sound, we are focusing on our philosophical quest to design the most French possible watches with the aim of stamping a bit of "french touch" in the huge Swiss watchmaking world.

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