"En vert et contre tout" could be the perfect catchphrase. But our natural posture is not “to be against” but rather “to be with” or even “to be for”… For life, for the adventure of life, for the horological adventure of our life. Green is our color signature. A color that is dear and intimate to us. Dividing, sharp, sometimes disturbing. A color that does not arouse indifference. We love it or we loathe it. We adopt it or we avoid it. It does not make consensus. We chose it for that. It sticks to our vision. By branding all of our watches with a "green iron", we have decided to lose some...To lose some of those whose hearts do not capsize before a cyan crossed with yellow. Our grammar of green is limitless. It is available through our collections in a set of beautifully subtle and always very elegant details. Dark, light, Absynthe, khaki, bottle, kelly, English or water… Our love of green is ecumenical and generous. Green is our imprint that crosses time. More recognizable than a name, more memorable than a logo, green marks our passage beyond words. We adopted it because we love it. To the life.


Here, everything is green. Facades, displays, watch dials, cups of coffee, girls' skirts, men's shirts, everything is green, even the gaze of Marcel the cat who reigns supreme in the historic Parisian boutique on rue Charlot. Long before green became fashionable, March LA.B bet on this color which, from a symbolic point of view, evokes the thousand faces of destiny. A deep, uniform, sometimes translucent green. A summery green reminiscent of the forests of the Basque hinterland after the rain, the bonnets of overheated Mustang Fastbacks, the sap of life, the foam of the waves of Bali in the fall, the callipygian tanks of Triumph motorcycles of the 70s and the eyes of the founder, Alain Marhic. From the grass of sports grounds to that of poker players, passing through the green carpets of boards of directors, green is the color of destiny, the color of time, that of chance. Chance? Maybe not. “When I was a child, my mother had found a very effective way of dressing her children,” recalls Alain Marhic. “My eldest brother was dressed in blue, the second in red and me, the youngest, in green. It was easier for her when she had to buy three sweaters, three pants and three shirts! » Coincidence or not, Alain Marhic kept in his genes, more or less voluntarily, this green attraction, to the point of making it a signature, a label, a seal of quality. In watchmaking, other manufactures - and not the least - have also chosen this green line. And yet! Green is not a color like any other. It is created by mixing yellow and blue, two primaries. However, for a long time, it was the nightmare of painters and dyers as it seemed difficult to fix. It now evokes nature, ecology, biodiversity. More than any other, it is an emotional color even though it has - for too long - been associated with the forces of darkness. The green ? We love it or we hate it, but chromotherapy studies are clear: green soothes, balances, tones, brings to those who wear it a form of inner serenity. Every "3" of the month, it is like this. On the date disc of each March LA.B watch, that day is different. It reads in green. Hymn to life.