In the land of surfers, surfers are called “Ondines”. A nice term, a natural extension of the word wave… A wave is a natural movement of water triggered by a gust of wind or a land movement, somewhere far away, sometimes very far away. The wave is born, travels and propagates. The wave is a mirage. A natural and ephemeral phenomenon. A wave is unique and unlike any other wave. It is the sum of a speed and a size which, when it hits the first shoals, triggers the breaking of the waves that we are surfing. It is the material that allows us to glide and fill ourselves with this intense satisfaction that surfing gives us. We seek it, we hunt it, we anticipate it, we wait for it, we measure it and we ride it... The wave is our aquatic food. In watchmaking, the wave that we try to generate is human and artificial. It is the fruit of our meticulous actions. Tell, share, exchange. Tell again, share again, exchange again. Every day we evangelize to transmit our passion. And we carry our watchmaking good word to give birth to this green wave which will spread in space and time. Step by step, word by word, wrist to wrist.


It's a vague word that makes you want to move and dance. To surf, too. It is also a word with drawers which does not always mean the same thing. For scientists, a wave is " the modification of the physical state of a material or immaterial medium propagating following a local action with a finite speed, determined by the characteristics of the media crossed". We are not inventing anything, the Larousse says so. Are we on the same wavelength? Not yet. So get this: a wave is also each of the ripples that travel across the surface of a liquid from a point of impact; like the concentric waves created by a stone thrown into the water. A wave thus creates a furrow, draws a road, points a path. We are not talking here about bad waves, the gravitational ones, the electromagnetic ones, the long ones, the short ones, even less standing waves. The wave, for us, hides itself in the poetry of its four letters with such familiar, ethereal musicality. It's a flow, a refux. Like the gentleness of a wave. The wave, by extension, is the ultimate expression of the perpetual motion that fascinates watchmakers. The energy that drives a watch is just as mysterious as that which makes the waves dance. An energy of infinite beauty, strong, inaccessible, feminine. As often, we must leave the floor to the artists to finally unravel the mystery.
But how to reach you sensual wave, you who give me wings? Could I ever make you eternal? To tie us up to the sky . Matthieu Chedid has it all figured out. A wave is not one if it is not sensual. Matthieu Chedid has a stage name: a simple letter, an M. A coincidence? Surely not.