“I have almost always worn glasses since I was 14 years old. At the time, these were called "prostheses" because the choice was limited and not very pleasant... Having glasses was a constraint or even a punishment. I remember the first pair I had on my driver's license photo ID. After vainly combing through the selection of the optician on boulevard Guisthau in Nantes, I had fallen back on the simplest, most classic and most elegant frame in my eyes... defective; A pair of RAY BAN "aviator" gold.

Nearly 40 years later I wear almost the same ones. Yet I have changed like the world ... but this pilot form sticks to my skin. After the contact lenses, the ultra curved plastic sports frames from my sailing and surfing years, without forgetting the ultra-typical acetate glasses that "dressed up" my face, I ended up going back to my first loves, which are these frames. in metal, finer, more balanced and more respectful of the facial anatomy. LA Eyeworks, Oliver People, Dita... all the coolest brands I've worn them all. Until the day I discovered this shop on La Bréa Avenue in Los Angeles reselling old stocks from the 70s; Givenchy, Cartier, Logos... and so many other nuggets from the cellars of often French or Italian eyewear manufacturers.


I only worn these vintage metal frames with passion but also the satisfaction of not having the same ones as everyone else, I admit. These "Deadstock" glasses from another era were what I like to call the "fair balance between too much and not enough". Neither too much, neither not enough. Often very simple, but always detailed and often very distinctive... My return to the past had begun. By no longer wearing more than tinted glasses from morning to night, this time travel became assumed. Like a chromatic signature claimed in order to see life, my life, in green...

Designing my own glasses was obviously my ocular adventure extension. My most intimate wish for this fetish accessory. Especially since I was one of the the Quiksilver brand eyewear division architects and developers.


With Jérôme, the amazing and disruptive Jacques Marie Mage brand founder and March LA.B founding partner , we therefore designed my dreams frames. A thin two-tone temple with integrated flex assembled with green temple tips. A double bridge with chiseled pads. Our obvious interlaced lines. The March LA.B signature is respected. Two different shapes named with Los Angeles and Biarritz prestigious districts available in a so 70’s emblematic gold and steel mix. The BRENTWOOD, a pretty, slightly beveled pilot in size 56. The MIRAMAR, a more rectangular and furiously retro frame in size 57. Both assembled exclusively with green lenses ranging from category 1 to 3 because "we don't change...". Simple, elegant, old-fashioned and easy to wear glasses.”